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project brief

An intelligent Booking Engine providing the ability to dive centers to promote and sell their services. Powerful Booking Engine with a presentation of the dive spots / sites.
technology Used
  • WordPress CMS

  • Adobe Creative Cloud

  • WooCommerce

  • SEO

connecting the digital era

Booking Engine

Booking any activities. Connect your e-shop & increase your earnings.

Web Design & Development

Creative Web Design & Development. Advanced custom made design, parameterized content management system (CMS.

Responsive Layout

The look & feel of the site translated to tablet and mobile seamlessly, based on screen size & resolution. This is a full responsive site.


Digital Strategy development for optimal promotion of the business. We combine actions, we manage digital media and analyse the final results.


Desired goals and measurable outcomes are defined from the start.


Around the clock support is provided to ensure continual peace of mind


Google campaings, Facebook ads, TV, Radio spots.


Secure transactions globally


On page SEO for optimal search engine optimization.

Marketing Tools

Better sales, Increase Conversions, eCommerce Promotion

Calls to Action

Offer exclusive bonus content by signing up to your email list & more.

Optimize & Speed

Optimize your eshop & sell more.